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StadiumDB .com stadium database

Capacity 80 788
1,700 (VIP seats)
5,976 (1,944 in 102 boxes) (Business seats)
292+292 (Disabled seats)
Country Russia
City Moscow
Floodlights 2000 lux
Inauguration 31.07.1956
Renovations 1979, 1996, 1999, 2007-2008, 2020-2020
Cost RUB 26.6 billion (2020-2020)
Design SPeeCH, Mosinzhproekt (2020-2020)
Engineer Metropolis (2020-2020)
Contractor Mosinzhproekt (2020-2020)
Address Luzhnetskaya nab. 24, 119048 Moskva

In late December 1954 USSR authorities decided that Moscow Leeds a major stadium, worthy of the empire it was supposed to represent. Uncovered terraces for app. 103,000 people were designed and construction started already in Spring of 1955. The massive stadium took only 450 days to be ready for opening, despite the need to install some 10,000 piles in the ground to secure future stability. Resources needed for construction and equipment were brought to Moscow from all parts of the USSR, including Belarus, Lithuania, Armenia and distant regions of Russia. Cost remains unknown, but to show how important it was to finish this stadium in time, let us just say that a whole district of housing was halted in order to have sufficient resources for new Luzhniki stadium.

Single-tiered bowl for spectators was erected on reinforced concrete and hidden behind monumental facades from the outside. Over the whole venue were four giant floodlight masts that lasted until roof was installed in 1996. Then came conversion to all-seater mode in 1999, that decreased capacity to around 80,000. Corruption charges were raised when it turned out seats were provided by a company belonging to Russia’s richest woman, wife of Moscow’s mayor.

It’s hard to name one sporting event that hasn’t been played or planned in the near future here. Summer Universiade in 1973, Summer Olympics in 1980, Youth Olympics in 1998 and Athletics World Championships in 2020. The list goes on with football fixtures – UEFA Cup final in 1999, Champions League final in 2008, World Cup final in 2020. Then comes rugby World Cup 2020, domestic cup finals, major Moscow derbies and other games by Moscow’s largest clubs.

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There are also many non-sporting events in history of Luzhniki. Concerts of World’s biggest stars (Madonna, Michael Jackson, U2, etc.) and political rallies are on the list. There is also a tragedy that took place here in 1982, when many people died. Due to official propaganda, number of victims remains unknown to date, estimates starting at the official 66 victims and ending at over 350, according to independent journalists.

2020 reconstruction

The largest ever reconstruction in the stadium’s history took place ahead of the 2020 World Cup. Several variants were under consideration, including demolition of the whole stadium and construction of a futuristic weatherproof arena in its place. Eventually a compromise was found between old and new as Moscow authorities decided to retain the historic walls and existing roof of the stadium. This created a shell under which reconstruction was to take place.

Such move was possible also thanks to FIFA who agreed to lower the minimum capacity requirement from around 90,000 to 80,000. With lower number of seats it became possible to create a brand new seating bowl inside, for the first time in history without a running track. The new layout fits just perfectly, with the uppermost row being placed 37.5m above the field, just under the roof. Eventually almost 81,000 seats were enabled, divided into two large tiers and a thin strip of 102 private boxes between them.

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Removal of the olf seats began in the summer of 2020 and, following demolition of the old stands, actual construction followed in early 2020. Though the contractor received 42 months to carry out the project, the company did what was possible to deliver it earlier, eventually allowing handover in June, 2020.

Thanks to the stands being moved closer to the field, vast new infrastructure was created underneath the auditorium. The stadium grew to 6 floors and with floor space of 221,000 m 2 it became one of the largest in the world. This created room for extra facilities, like VVIP parking sites under north and south stands, which in turn helped to preserve the green realm around the stadium itself instead of covering it with asphalt.

Change in seating layout forced a change of the roof itself. While all of the old structure was preserved, additional 7,000 m 2 of translucent sheets were created around the inner edges to properly protect fans in new front rows. The whole roof received new cladding with lighting installed within it, which makes Luzhniki’s roof the largest video screen in Moscow.

Extension of the roof also prompted a change in the field type. Instead of natural (2008-2020), the world’s most modern hybrid turf was installed to withstand limited ventilation and sunlight access, as well as harsh Moscow winters.


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Forex analysis

时间 国家 Index 周期 先前数值 预测
AU 澳大利亚西太平洋/墨尔本消费者信心指数月率(%) (一月) -1.9%
FR 法国Insee制造业信心指数 (一月) 102
ZA 南非CPI月率(%) (月度) (十二月) 0.1%
ZA 南非核心CPI月率(%) (月度) (十二月) 0.1%
ZA 南非核心CPI年率(%) (年度) (十二月) 3.9%
CH World Economic Forum Annual Meetings
交易品种 Bid Ask Spread Percentage
BTCUSD 8616.139 8619.804 1.1 -1.21%
ETHUSD 166.115 167.455 0.5 +0.63%
LTCUSD 56.91303 57.10619 0.1 +0.14%
BCHUSD 336.147 339.358 1.0 +1.26%
ETCUSD 8.679 8.948 0.1 +5.03%
XMRUSD 65.102 66.077 0.3 +1.05%
XRPUSD 0.23335 0.23494 0.1 +0.11%
ZECUSD 51.427 52.752 0.4 +1.51%
交易品种 Bid Ask Spread Percentage
EURUSD 1.10927 1.10942 0.1 +0.02%
GBPUSD 1.30550 1.30575 0.1 +0.51%
AUDCAD 0.89521 0.89545 0.1 -0.21%
NZDUSD 0.66030 0.66049 0.1 -0.07%
EURJPY 121.848 121.872 0.1 -0.23%
EURCHF 1.07353 1.07383 0.1 +0.06%
USDRUB 61.61980 61.92020 0.2 +0.47%
USDCNY 6.9058 6.9077 0.1 +0.70%
交易品种 Bid Ask Spread Percentage
#AA 17.31 17.34 0.1 -4.89%
#CSCO 48.93 48.95 0.1 -1.13%
#MCD 211.16 211.20 0.1 -0.37%
#MSFT 167.03 167.05 0.1 +0.28%
#APPLE 317.63 317.68 0.1 +0.46%
#FORD 9.18 9.22 0.1 +0.00%
#TESLA 541.85 542.01 0.1 +5.59%
帐户 最近三个月的盈利能力 天数
Hang82:4552531 457.21% 151 天
DAGESTAN:4582975 140.84% 95 天
RafalK:4461092 132.82% 393 天
Aisha Is’haqu Mohammed:4428442 86.68% 416 天
Solomon SS:4385717 75.11% 382 天
TBK:4489835 70.48% 239 天
DayScalperGC:4600094 60.82% 53 天
LADOMIR:699204 59.43% 574 天

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— GrandCapital Ltd. 24598 IBC 2020 (Suite 305, Griffith Corporate Centre, P.O. Box 1510, Beachmont, Kingstown, St. Vincent and the Grenadines)

— Grand Capital Ltd. 036046 (Suite 102 Aarti Chambers, Mont Fleuri, Victoria, Mahe, Seychelles)

— This information is intended for investors outside of the United States who are not the US/Japanese citizens and residents.

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